Dental treatment prices Turkey 2024

Welcome to mediTUR, your trusted agency for first-class dental care at affordable prices in Turkey. We are pleased to present our current price list for a variety of dental treatments and denture options aimed at realising your radiant smile without putting a huge strain on your budget.

Our experienced and highly qualified dentists use the latest technologies and high-quality materials to provide you with the best possible care. Whether you need routine teeth cleaning, dental implants, teeth whitening or dentures, we are here to help you with customised solutions that meet your individual needs.

Thanks to our competitive prices and excellent service quality, we have earned a reputation as the leading German agency for dental treatments in Turkey. We understand the importance of receiving affordable dental treatment without compromising on quality and pride ourselves on providing our patients with first-class care that exceeds their expectations.

Take the opportunity now to solve your dental problems and regain your radiant smile without straining your budget. Contact us today to arrange an appointment or for more information on our services and prices. We look forward to helping you solve your dental problems effectively and cost-effectively.

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Dental treatment Price per unit
Root canal treatment 75 – 125 Euro depending on expenditure
Tooth cleaning 50-150 Euro depending on effort
Bleaching inkl. Tooth cleaning from 200 Euro
Composite tooth filling from 75 Euro
Replacing an amalgam filling from 100 Euro
Onlay from 150 Euro
Inlay from 150 Euro
Tooth extraction (simple) from 50 Euro
Surgical tooth extraction from 75 Euro
Extraction of wisdom teeth from 150 Euro
Extraction of wisdom teeth (fully impacted) from 200 Euro
Titanium implant with abutment and crown (Osstem) from 500 Euro
Titanium implant with abutment and crown (Straumann) from 850 Euro
All-on-4 dental implants (including fixed hybrid resin bridge per jaw) (Osstem) from 5.000 Euro
All-on-4 dental implants (including fixed hybrid resin bridge per jaw) (Straumann) from 6.400 Euro
Implant with crown on the same day (Straumann) from 1.100 Euro
Bone graft (per unit) incl. Operation (botiss) from 600 euros
Bone graft (per unit) incl. bone graft (whole arch) including surgery (botiss) from 1.250 Euro
Sinus lifting incl. Transplant membrane from 500 Euro
Porcelain bridge (permant) per jaw from 2.100 Euro
Porcelain crown fused to metal from 150 Euro
Porcelain E-Max crown from 300 euros
Full porcelain crown from 300 euros
Ceramic crown from 300 euros
Zirconium crown from 180 Euro
Implant-supported bridge (3 crowns) from 500 Euro
All-ceramic bridge (3 crowns) from 800 Euro
Porcelain-metal bridge (3 crowns) from 450 Euro
Composite resin veneer from 150 Euro
Porcelain veneer from 300 euros
Snap-on prosthesis (2 implants) (per arch) from 1.100 Euro
Snap-on prosthesis (3 implants) (per arch) from 1.200 Euro
Permanent partial denture (per arch) from 1.000 Euro
Permanent full denture (per arch) from 1.000 Euro

The treatments and prices listed are for guidance only and do not claim to be exhaustive. Detailed photos and personal details are essential for an accurate assessment of your case.

Our prices usually include the airport transfer and the treatment. You must also factor in hotel and flight costs.

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