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Welcome to mediTUR – your broker for high quality medical treatments in Turkey at competitive prices!

In Turkey, we offer a wide range of medical treatments and procedures that meet international standards. However, it is important to emphasize that medical treatment prices in Turkey are approximate. Why? Because the costs depend heavily on the individual requirements and needs of the patient.

Every patient is unique and successful treatment requires an individual approach. Prices may therefore vary based on factors such as the type of medical intervention, the complexity of the procedure, the equipment and materials needed, and the experience of the treating physician.

We understand that transparency when it comes to costs is important and that is why we work closely with our qualified medical professionals to give you the most accurate cost estimates possible. Through our tailored treatment plans and transparent communication, you can be assured that you are paying a fair and reasonable price for your medical care.

Our goal is to provide you with a premium medical experience that is not only financially affordable, but also ensures the highest quality and care. Our medical facilities are equipped with the latest technology and our doctors and medical teams have extensive experience in their fields.

You can rest assured that you will receive top quality services for your medical treatment in Turkey. If you would like more information about the cost of certain medical treatments or if you would like a personal estimate, we are at your disposal. Contact us today to discuss your medical needs and take a step toward improved health or beauty.

price list

Please note that the following prices are for guidance only and represent starting price ranges. Actual costs may vary based on individual needs and specific requirements.

Hair transplant / hair transplant
from 1900 euros

Eye laser surgery / vision correction
from 1300 euros

Breast surgery (enlargement / reduction / tightening)
from 3400 euros

Gynecomastia surgery (breast surgery in men)
from 3000 euros

Stomach reduction (various techniques)
from 5000 euros

Nose surgery / rhinoplasty
from 3300 euros

Liposuction (liposuction)
from 3000 euros

Vaser liposuction (ultrasonic technology)
from 3700 euros

from 3500 euros

Facelift (facial lift)
from 3800 euros

Ear correction (Otoplasty / Pinnaplasty)
from 2300 euros

Eye lid correction (blepharoplasty)
from 2100 euros

Dental implant including crown (German manufacturer)
from 600 euros

Dental crown (zirconium, ceramic or porcelain)
from 300 euros

All-on-4 dentures / per jaw (full denture fixed on 4 implants)
from 5300 euros

All-on-6 dentures / per jaw (full denture fixed on 6 implants)
from 5900 euros

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