Health tourism in Turkey: an industry on the road to success

The Turkish government has taken a number of measures in recent years to promote medical tourism in Turkey. These efforts are aimed at making the country a leading destination for health tourism and increasing both the quality of medical services and the number of foreign patients. Here are some of the main ways the Turkish government is supporting medical tourism:

1. investment in infrastructure: The Turkish government has invested considerable funds in the expansion and modernisation of the country’s medical infrastructure. This includes the construction of new hospitals, clinics and medical centres as well as the modernisation of existing facilities. These investments ensure that the medical facilities in Turkey meet international standards and fulfil the needs of foreign patients.

2. promotion of quality standards: The government has introduced and enforced quality standards for medical facilities to ensure that they provide a high standard of medical care. This includes the certification of hospitals and clinics according to international standards as well as the monitoring and inspection of these facilities to ensure compliance with the standards.

3. simplification of visa and travel regulations: The Turkish government has simplified visa and travel regulations for foreign patients to make it easier for them to receive medical treatment in Turkey. This includes the introduction of special medical visa categories and the acceleration of the visa process for patients travelling to Turkey for medical purposes.

4. marketing and advertising: The government has launched extensive marketing and advertising campaigns to promote Turkey as a leading destination for medical tourism. These campaigns aim to raise awareness of the high-quality medical care available in Turkey and attract potential patients from abroad.

5. cooperation with the private sector: The Turkish government is working closely with the private sector to further promote medical tourism. This includes supporting medical facilities and wellness centres in improving their services and opening up new markets abroad.

Overall, the Turkish government has made a significant contribution to the promotion of medical tourism in Turkey through its various measures. By investing in infrastructure, promoting quality standards, simplifying visa and travel regulations, marketing and advertising, and collaborating with the private sector, the government has created an environment that attracts foreign patients and helps establish Turkey as a leading destination for health tourism.

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