Care for the elderly in Turkey – Prices 2024

In recent years, elderly care in Turkey has become an attractive alternative for German pensioners. The high quality of care facilities, the low cost of living and the pleasant Mediterranean climate make Turkey an increasingly popular destination for senior citizens who want to spend their retirement in a relaxed and high-quality environment.

1. care facilities at the highest level

The nursing homes for the elderly in Turkey are characterised by modern facilities, qualified nursing staff and holistic care. Many facilities work according to international standards and offer a comprehensive service that covers both the medical and social needs of residents. The facilities are designed to offer the elderly the highest level of comfort and quality of life.

2. cost efficiency and financial relief

Compared to German care homes for the elderly, the costs of care in Turkey are often significantly lower. This not only provides German pensioners with financial relief, but also the opportunity to spend their retirement in an exclusive environment. The cost of living in Turkey is generally more affordable, which has a positive impact on the overall cost of elderly care.

3. High-level medical care

Turkey has a modern and well-developed healthcare infrastructure. Many cities have renowned hospitals and doctors who meet internationally recognized standards. This ensures comprehensive medical care for residents of geriatric care facilities. In addition, the cost of living in the healthcare sector is often cheaper in Turkey compared to Germany.

4. Pleasant climate and cultural diversity

Turkey’s Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers is particularly attractive for many seniors. The pleasant lifestyle and cultural diversity help German pensioners quickly feel comfortable in their new living environment. Turkey offers a rich history, culinary delights and warm hospitality.

Conclusion: Elderly care in Turkey – a well thought-out alternative

Elderly care in Turkey is increasingly proving to be a well-thought-out alternative for German pensioners who want to spend their retirement in a high-quality environment. With modern care facilities, cost-effective solutions, excellent medical care and a pleasant living environment, Turkey offers an attractive option for seniors who want to enjoy their retirement in a new cultural context.

Care for the elderly in Turkey Prices 2024 (per month)
Seniors with less need for care from 1.000 Euro
Seniors with intensive care

(Alzheimer’s, dementia, stroke, bed rest, nasogastric tube, nasogastric tube, etc.)

from 1,300 euros

plus medical supplies

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